The most important lesson I have learnt during my yoga travels is to break free from pattern and routine, escape the limit of structure and create a practice unique to oneself. In every session I will help you achieve just that.

I was a teenager in the mid nineties when I stumbled across a yoga class on a beach in Goa which lit an interest that eventually led me to become a yoga teacher.
I had never been active, sport in general was my nemesis and I had diligently been avoiding looking after my body let alone my mind. For the first time I had discovered an ability to move and be more present as opposed to keeping all emotions and thoughts running wild in my overactive brain. I now work out of a handful of central London studios but predominantly, since 2008 on a one on one basis.

Originally from Paris, I moved to London to study art and became a potter. I also worked in the fashion industry joining luxury boutique Browns to run their in-house events. Partying hard at night and trying to be healthy in the day became exhausting and for many years yoga was my anchor, enabling me to experience some calm, briefly connect with my body and quieten my busy mind.

After studying and practicing a myriad of styles over the past couple of decades I pride myself in caring for mixed abilities, accommodating all levels from beginners to the most advanced, designing bespoke sequences and programs to suits clients requirements - with a penchant for inversions and handstands in particular.

When it comes to yoga I don't believe in monogamy; as our circumstances and physical abilities continuously change and our needs evolve so does the practice. I am an advanced Dharma Mittra teacher and also taught Bikram Yoga. I was a senior teacher at Fierce Grace Yoga while on and off visiting Astanga London for Mysore self practice. I also studied with Ana Forrest and regularly attend Iyengar classes. I have learned from ex gymnasts how to balance on my hands and from over a decade in recovery from food and drug addiction on how to balance on my feet.

In my classes I help people find tools and solutions to reconnect to themselves and the world around us starting with taking care of our precious bodies. My teaching is filled with positivity, humour and common sense and I am at ease sharing my life experience; how I overcame various eating disorders and stopped harmful behaviours...

I am happier when upside down.