The most important lesson I have learnt during my yoga travels is to break free from pattern and routine, escape the limit of structure and create a practice unique to oneself. In every session I will help you achieve just that.

I stumbled across my first yoga class on a beach in Goa in 1997 and have been formally teaching since 2008. Originally from Paris, I moved to London in 1995 to study art and work for author and artist Edmund de Waal (‘The hare with the Amber eyes’). I then worked in the fashion industry, notably joining luxury boutique Browns being placed in charge of in-house events. More recently I studied dance and movement psychotherapy at Goldsmiths University.

When it comes to yoga I don't believe in monogamy; I am attracted to a myriad of styles: I am an advanced Dharma Mittra instructor, taught Bikram Yoga, was a regular at Astanga London for Mysore self practice and in august 2014 completed an advanced training enabling me to teach Forrest Yoga inspired classes. I have learned form ex gymnasts how to balance on my hands and from over a decade in recovery on how to balance on my feet. I travel all over London to get my yoga fix. I am also a senior teacher for the Fierce Grace hot yoga and performed alongside David Sye in the 'FG' unbalanced video. And I have come to love lifting weights to stabilise (!)

My interest in movement doesn’t stop with yoga... I am an amateur flying trapeze artist, sadly currently grounded after a recent shoulder operation..... I like to be forced through movement to think about the present, instead of worrying about the past or being too concerned about the future. Let the body do the work and the talking, not the head.

My classes are stripped of spiritual talk but filled with positivity, humour and common sense. I am 'known' for my handstand courses and dynamic inversions filled classes at Indaba Yoga.

I am happier when upside down.