indaba yoga, marylebone

mondays 12.45 -1.30pm

drawing from the disciplines of Yoga and Pilates, this class will strengthen your core as well as lengthen your muscles

a fun 45 minute class that will push you and your body

tuesdays & fridays 12.30 - 1.30pm

a dynamic vinyasa style practice with an emphasis on clever sequencing and upside down fun

open level although variations and options are given to suit both beginners and teachers

handstand level 1, indaba yoga

After a thorough warm up and multitude of flexibility drills we will break down how to efficiently use the wall in creative ways to build the confidence for eventually kick in the middle of the room.

**To attend this 4 days course you are required to already be able to hold weight on your hands and arms - be familiar with crow or headstand**

october * sat 19/sun 20 & sat 26/sun 27, 11.15-12.30pm (£120)

to book call 020 7724 9994 or click here

handstand level 2, indaba yoga

Opening with some serious warm up & conditioning based on flexibility and mobility you will learn ways to efficiently strengthen wrists, shoulders and core. We will break down how to efficiently tuck, straddle & pike jump - whether you're working on your handstand, forearm stand or headstand. And for the most adventurous how to begin the process of pressing up.

**This 4 day course is for the more advanced student who can already balance a little on their own in the middle of the room**

october * sat 5/sun 6 & sat 12/sun 13, 11.15-12.30pm (£120)

to book call 020 7724 9994 or click here

pincha course, indaba yoga

learn to balance as you move step by step into pincha mayurasana

this pose will open your shoulders for backbends; build arm strength for more-advanced arm balances and add an uplifting quality to your spirit and practice!

expect intense core and legs warm up, plenty of shoulder opening, many repetitions and drills and tips on how to use the wall to eventually feel confident to press or lift in the middle of the room

minimum 6 months practice & being able to hold a plank for 1 minute is the only prerequisite

new dates to be announced soon!!